How to Optimize RAM Automatically

When you use your PC, the software that you load and close , does not always successively release all the memory they use. this Data residue decreases the amount of RAM available, which slows down your PC (especially when you surf the Internet) and sometimes causes blockages. Using specialized software in the memory optimization can make it work faster, and avoids having to restart the PC regularly. Windows fills up your computer’s memory (RAM) little by little and finally RAM is filled with unnecessary data. Sooner or later you have to reboot your computer to make it work faster. To do this, you can chose to work with RamBooster which is one of the best freeware of its kind. With RamBooster you can continuously monitor the amount of RAM. If the amount of free RAM goes too low, free more with RamBooster. RamBooster can do this automatically if you wish.


Download the Ram Booster From Here
After downloading and install the software, and run it.then when the main window Appears like these





Click the Edit menu, then select the Preferences command. In the window that appears, select the check boxes Launch automatically at startup and Start minimized. In the Auto optimization level (Mb), use small arrows to adjust the value to about 10% of the total amount of your RAM (eg, 25 if you have 256MB). Click the Done button.

RamBooster is now set to automatically optimize memory. Click the Send button to tray to reduce the window. If necessary, you remember, double-clicking the icon RamBooster in the taskbar. If you work with images, then it will be useful to use the menu command Clear clipboard , it used to clear the clipboard of Windows and release the memory associated with it


Remember Things that RamBooster does NOT do :

  • Modify your system in any way
  • Defragment the RAM
  • Double your RAM etc.
  • Increase system resources (GDI and USER)



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