Corsair DDR 2 667 to arrive soon

Intel didn’t only mess up the VGA companies’ plans, it also made a few agenda adjustments in memory production companies.

At Cebit, Corsair demonstrated DDR 2 memory and according to the company sources they were ready to ship them even then, in the middle of March 2004.

A more realistic date was June 1st, when Intel wanted to launch those platforms and then delayed them again for three long weeks then finally released them and then unreleased some of them.We got an email from Asus that claimed that its board that we are currently testing have capability of running far beyond 533MHz, and even 600MHz or more.

Corsair has a cure for users that want to overclock heavily as it will soon ship DDR 2 667MHz. Intel’s plan is to have this memory ready for its 1066 MHz FPS CPUs and faster platforms that are due to come at the end of this year and next.

News source: TheInquirer


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