Scythe releases Kama Bay PLUS Internal Drive Enclosure

Cooling and PC accessories specialist Scythe announces the new successor of Kama Bay series. Kama Bay PLUS comes with complete new features and the improved fan of the successful Slip Stream 120 Slim series, which is rotating at 1,200 rpm and generates constant airflow of 41 m³/h (24.03 CFM) at 21.71 dBA. By implementing the Slip Stream 120 mm Slim case fan with 12 mm (0.47 in) thickness, extra space could be used to mount up to 2.5" HDD/SSDs or one 3.5" HDD. This feature provides extra cooling for your Hard Drive while mounting them safely into 5.25" bays. To further improve airflow inside the pc case or cool your system components mounted in a 5.25" bay, it is possible to mount Kama Bay PLUS in vertical or horizontal direction.

The new Kama Bay PLUS is equipped with the improved dust filter, which now can be cleaned and re-used easily. When using Kama Bay PLUS as a system cooler without detachment of Hard Drives, total weight is 275 g (9.7 oz) with overall dimensions of 146 x 127 x 41mm (5.75 x 5 x 1.61 in). Retail version of Kama Bay PLUS is available in black or silver color to match the most popular pc case color. Both versions are listed with the MSRP of 21. 00 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 28.00 (excluding tax).



Model name: Kama Bay PLUS
Model numbers:

  • SCKB-2000BK (black)
  • SCKB-2000SL (silver)

146 x 127 x 41mm (5.75 x 5 x 1.61 in)


  • 2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD
  • 1 x 3.5" HDD

Fan: Slip Stream Slim 120 mm

Fan Speed: 1,200 rpm (±10%)

Airflow: 24.03 CFM

Noise Level: 21.71 dBA

Bay Occupancy:

  • 1 x 5.25" horizontal mounting
  • 3 x 5.25" vertical mounting

Weight: 275 g (9.7 oz)


  • 21. 00 EUR (excluding VAT)
  • US$ 28.00 (excluding tax)


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