GlacialPower Adds 80 PLUS Silver PSU to AX Series

GlacialTech Inc., a diverse provider of cooling, power supply and PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, and a world-class provider of cost effective cooling and power supply components and chassis, announces that its sub-brand, GlacialPower is ready to launch a new model of high-power and high-efficient power supply unit – model named GP-AX950A.

Moving in the direction of its philosophy to provide power efficient products GlacialPower AX-950A PSU is 80 Plus Silver certified.

The unique design of GP-AX950A includes power factor correction (PFC) function enabling the CPUs to get right power as per the requirement. GP-AX950A is a 950 Watt powerhouse packed in standard-sized PSU enclosure. With this ATX12V Version 2.2., it enables the CPUs to manage the power consumption quickly for the high performance. For the gamers, especially in the racing games, there is a requirement of high-end and precision power supply, which GP-AX950A meets efficiently. Featured with Dual +12V rails and +5Vsb capability, the PSU is compatible with latest Intel and AMD CPUs. It is so reliable that with full throttle output of power, the temperature remains with in 0°C to 50°C making the PC fairly cool and generates lower decibel of noise, which provides peace of mind to the users. Beside the GP-AX950A design with Japanese Electronic-Capacitors to offer more longer life time and more reliable functions.

Specially designed for high performance gaming PCs, it meets Energy Star 80 plus program criterion. In order to extend the components’ life span the in built mechanism of the power supply enables the fan speed to be controlled and if there is any delay, it prompts to power shut down.


Compliant with RoHS, GP-AX950 comes with 2 years warranty and the company takes reliable and strict measures while manufacturing the product so that it never fails. With all these features, GP-AX950 is really cost effective and extremely useful for power enthusiasts gaming PCs.

GlacialTech is also committed to bringing increased value to customers through the creation of light weight cost effective systems, and a quiet working environment with an optimal price performance benefit. Having acquired ISO 9001 and 14001, GlacialTech commits to the market to use green materials for its product design and construction, and uses green manufacturing processes in manufacturing of its products.


1. Power efficiency meets Energy Star 80 plus Silver level requirement
2. Compatible ATX12V Version 2.3"
3. Designed with active PFC function
4. Full output power from 0°C to 50°C
5. Full protection features of SCP, OVP, OCP, OPP
6. Internal 14cm Fan
7. 100% full load burn-in test and RoHS compliance
8. Manufactured with the high reliability and in strict accordance with processes


GlacialPower AX series products are designed to be in compliance with
ATX12V V2.2 to support the latest Intel Core™2 Duo and AMD Athlon 64
X2 CPU systems. You have made a wise choice in selecting GlacialPower
products. Our products will be your pleasure.

AC Input

Parameter Min. Nom. Max.
Vin (115 Vac) 90 Vrms 100 – 240 Vrms 264 Vrms
Iin     12A rms
Vin Frequency 47 Hz 50 / 60 Hz 63 Hz
Ouput Loading

DC Output +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5Vsb
Nominal Output Voltage (V)
5 3.3 12 -12 5
Min. Current (A)
0.0 0.0 0.5 0.0 0.0
Max. Current (A) 25.0 25.0 76.0 0.5 3.0
Peak Current (A) 3.5



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