Special edition of Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360

Debuts the Elite model with a 250GB hard drive. 

Microsoft press release has presented that an agreement with Activision to launch an edition of Xbox 360 by reason of CoD: Modern Warfare 2. This pack will include such innovations as the 250GB hard drive and two wireless controllers and Will be on sale two days after the official launch of the game on Nov. 13 by 329 Euros.

Microsoft Corp. and Activision Publishing, Inc. announced the launch of a limited edition of Xbox 360 inspired by the most exciting game of the year. After the release of Modern Warfare 2 on November 10, fans can purchase the Limited Edition for Xbox 360 beginning from Nov. 13. This complete pack includes a console game designed with images and more space than ever, with 250 GB hard drive and two wireless controllers a headset and a copy of Modern Warfare 2. All this, of € 329.99.


Xbox 360 game is designed according to the greatest gift to the team and fans. The level of detail that has been placed on the console displays which realise the intensity and thrill of Modern Warfare 2. Limited Edition Xbox 360 Modern Warfare has been announced in an exclusive presentation of the game in Los Angeles where guests have learned about the new multiplayer mode on Xbox LIVE.

It’s exciting to offer fans of Call of Duty inspired an Xbox 360 exclusive in Modern Warfare 2.  The fans deserve more powerful Xbox 360, including all the necessary space to save and save the best downloadable games and accessories, including the first two maps of Modern Warfare 2 which will be available first on Xbox LIVE.

On 10 November Activision will release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game extends the excitement and action of the first title and will make players are faced with new threats that want to collapse the world. Modern Warfare 2 is recommended for over 18 years.


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