Sony tackles the iPod nano with Sony A840 Walkman

Sony A840 Walkman Series

It’s back and just like Apple, most manufacturers prepare players for the holidays season. Sony has just presented a new range of MP3 players that come into direct competition with the iPod nano.

The A840 is a bit thinner than the Nano also it has an OLED display of 2.8 "(larger than the nano), and has an endurance of 29 hours audio playback and 9 hours in reading video. It supports formats including AAC and H.264.

You can add content to the player by simply dragging and dropping. Sony is also shipping a tool to his MP3 player to sync with iTunes. On the other hand, it is possible to read files on a portable Playstation 3. The A840 embarks TV output, a function of ambient noise reduction and an FM tuner.

The device will be launched in late October in three versions: 16GB (180 €), 32GB (230 €) and 64GB (300 €).


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