Intel’s Desktop Roadmap

Intel has told its customers that it will introduce the Glenwood chipset in the second quarter of next year, aimed at the high end desktop market.And that will coincide with the Lakeport chipset for desktops.It expects to qualify Lakeport towards the end of the first quarter of next year, with deployment in the second quarter.The firm, however, is keeping quiet about precise details of Glenwood to its partners so far.

Meanwhile, Intel is expected now to introduce a 3.46GHz version of its Extreme Edition with 1066MHz front side bus during this quarter. It will cost nearly $1,000 and that will no doubt mean movement on the LGA775 3.4GHz EE it’s just introduced.The next pricing change for desktop CPUs will be on the 22nd August, as previously revealed here. But Intel hopes to get a 570 (3.8GHz) out of the door during Q4.On the Celeron front, Intel will release a 3340J chip (2.93GHz) with a 533MHz front side bus. The J cognomen means it will support the Execute Disable Bit capability.

It will make a series of price cuts to its desktop chipsets towards the end of September, but it will only be a matter of a buck or two. Intel is also implementing lead free chipsets during the second half of this year.

News source: TheInquirer


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