Dell’s Open Source Desktops Rockin’

Reseller offering Optiplex PCs running Linspire 4.5 reports strong interest

The reseller taking orders for Dell Optiplex workstations with an open source operating system claims that its website has received over 200,000 hits in the past 24 hours.

Italian reseller Questar is buying workstations from Dell under a custom factory integration agreement.

While Dell will not support custom operating systems it will install them and support the hardware under the normal warranty terms.

“Basically nobody seems to know that Dell has an option for buying systems with no operating system that can then be personalised,” said David Orban, chief executive at Questar.

Source : Vnunet “Customers are customers, and market needs must be met. Today you cannot go into a store and choose with your money [between operating systems]. We will fill the need until they can.”

Questar is selling Dell’s Optiplex mini-tower system with a 2.4GHz Celeron, 256MB Ram, Linspire 4.5 and the OpenOffice software for �469.

Dell released a statement confirming that it has entered into similar agreements with other resellers.

“Dell offers its corporate customers custom factory integration services where a customer can have their unique software image installed, including many different operating systems,” the company said.

“A number of value added resellers choose Dell desktop, workstation and server platforms on which they build and provide their customers with unique, customised solutions. This is not a situation that is unique to Questar.”

Orban predicted a “big market for British resellers” that use the scheme.


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