ATI Eyefinity for greater immersion in video games

The ATI company , which specializes in the design of graphics processors unders AMD’s ownership since 2006, will soon unveil its new line of Radeon HD5xxx series video cards . Besides the support of DirectX 11, the latter will also incorporate a new technology known as the Eyefinity.

Planned to improve the immersion in video games, this is a multi-screen management technology.It allows a single adapter to power up to six screens simultaneously. The supported resolution for each card can be of upto 2560 x 1600 pixels, resulting in an image of 24.576 million pixels. And as you can pair up to four video cards through ATI’s CrossFireX technology, it is possible to go up to 24 screens.

Despite this impressive side of things, there remains a significant concern, the screen edges that intersect the image. Anticipating this point, ATI has said that they are working with leading electronics manufacturers for the development of monitors


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