mIRC 6.16

mIRC is a highly configurable IRC client with all the goodies other clients on UNIX, Macintosh and even Windows, combined with a nice and clean user interface. mIRC offers full color text lines, DCC File Send and Get capabilities, programmable aliases, a remote commands and events handler, place sensitive popup menu`s, Switchbar, World Wide Web and sound support, and more.

What’s New:

* Fixed $did().seltext/text bug.
* Fixed /hinc /hdec result message bug.
* Fixed $ssl not being set correctly if not connected to a server.
* Fixed $chr(160) SJIS/JIS gpf bug.
* Fixed while/continue/break bugs.
* Fixed /filter -ntk returning incorrect line numbers.
* Fixed mdi window display bug with maximized windows.
* Fixed /list -min -max values being offset by one.

View: Changelog
Screenshot: Screenies
Download: mIRC 6.16
News source: Softpedia|nw


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