ASUS launches HP-100U Dolby home theater set

ASUS, the leader in computer-based Hi-Fi solutions and acclaimed producer of CES
award-winning Xonar audio products, today launched its innovative HP-100U
personal Dolby home theater set. Comprising a gorgeous, lab-tuned pair of
headphones, a Xonar U1 external audio device and a high quality array
microphone, the HP-100U is the total audio solution for discerning listeners who
brook no compromise when it comes to PC or Mac audio.

Outstanding Home Theater Sound

The HP-100U comes with the lauded Xonar U1, a uniquely-styled external audio
device that harnesses the power of four major Dolby technologies to deliver high
fidelity, interference-free PC audio. Furthermore, it supports DirectSound, EAX
2.0 and Open AL acceleration for the best audio experience in Windows Vista® /
Windows XP™ and also on Mac platforms. It is even equipped with a Hi-Fi
headphone amplifier for improved clarity when driving headphones

Outstanding PC and Mac Compatibility

The HP-100U is tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population
of users who consume audio visual entertainment on notebooks. This is
particularly significant for Mac users, who have previously been starved of
Dolby solutions due to compatibility issues. The HP-100U addresses these needs
emphatically, delivering immersive Dolby Home Theater audio across both Windows
and Mac OS X-based notebooks.

Outstanding Looks and Comfort

The HP-100U is available in four colors, paying fitting tribute to consumers’
individual needs and personalities, and matching its astounding audio
performance with an equally astounding aesthetic. The leatherette earcups cover
the user’s ears snugly and an elastic headband provides stress-free comfort over
prolonged periods of audio enjoyment. The unique earcups also provide good
isolation from environmental noise. The headphone’s soundstage is specially
tuned for Dolby Headphone, resulting in a much more believable and engaging
surround sound experience as compared to normal headphones. Complete immersion
is maintained via the HP-100U’s interference-free Hi-Fi acoustics.

Outstanding Clarity with Advanced Array Microphone

Adding to an already impressive package, the HP-100U also comes with an
advanced array microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities—perfect for crystal
clear voice delivery over VoIP applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger and QQ,
as well as during multiplayer gaming.


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