Konami first game for the digital platform DSiWare Reflection

The title will be downloadable from this autumn.
Konami has reported that the next Fall virtual platform launch for the title DSiWare Reflection. A game mixing 2D platforms and puzzles.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced its first downloadable title DSiWare Reflection a platform game with puzzle elements designed exclusively for Nintendo’s new portable.

Reflection is a clever twist on the platform genre where players control a female character and her reflection in a mirror while playing on two stages simultaneously. Players take on the role of an adventurer named Kirra has to retrieve a magical mirror that is broken, triggering a shattered reality that Kirra has also divided in two one good and one evil

Players have to control a normal character as one who is face down pending resolution of a puzzle where you have to control the two characters. Players will have to learn to use the two characters to survive as the game alternates between these two worlds.

Reflection has been developed by Intrinsic Games, its different levels take the form of forests, cities and castles where they are hidden fragments of broken mirror. After recovering the mirro, the player has to confront her alter ego diavolo, which must be overcome if the game can continue.


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