The X410: Alluring & Eco-Friendly with Metro Style

The X-Slim series 14" ultra thin notebook family introduces a new
member, the X-Slim X410 notebook computer with AMD’s 2nd Generation
Ultrathin Platform that supports 1080i high resolution and provides
outstanding display quality. With AMD’s PowerNow!  technology, it is
even more eco-friendly with reduced battery consumption and lower
voltage requirements. It also lasts longer, with over twice the battery
life of traditional 14" notebooks. The X410 design stays consistent
with the X-Slim series’ beauty and ultra-thin design with a thickness
of merely an inch and 1.5 kg weight with battery. With an attractive
price and full set of features, the X410 is a stunning and fashionable
ultra-thin notebook.

Exclusive Eco Technology, Tastefully Green & Environmentally Conscious
The X410 comes loaded with the AMD’s 2nd Generation Ultrathin Platform.
Low heat and low power consumption characteristics allow for major
reductions in the notebook’s bulk. Consuming only 15 W, the processor
consumes 40% of the power of common notebook processors. And, with
AMD’s PowerNow!  technology, the system is able to run different
applications based on their specific power requirements by
automatically adjusting CPU speed and voltage. This results in extended
battery life, lowered heat, and a quieter operating environment. When
matched with MSI’s exclusive ECO technology, users have the freedom to
choose from 5 different power management modes: Gaming, Cinema,
Presentation, Document, and Turbo Battery. These modes adjust power
settings for specific tasks to extend battery power even longer. Proven
in tests, the X410’s battery efficiency is over twice that of
traditional 14" notebook batteries, making it the greenest and most
environmentally conscious ultra-thin expression of metro style.

Enjoy High Quality Entertainment Anytime
Would you like to enjoy high resolution digital picture entertainment
whenever you want? The X410 uses the ATI Radeon  X1250 graphic card,
capable of producing outstanding image quality. Matched with a 16:9
aspect ratio LED backlit display, you can enjoy the 220 cd/m2
brightness that provides vivid and distinct image display. Internal
HDMI video and audio terminals provide 5 GB of image transfer
bandwidth. When paired with an external Blu-Ray disc player, you can
experience life-like and crisp cinema images on a large screen

Wireless Convenience, Effortless Efficiency

The ultra-thin X410 is fitted with built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi  WLAN
and Bluetooth wireless connectivity functions, giving you the
opportunity to cut all the ties with your wired lifestyle and enjoy the
convenience of wireless Internet. The X410 also comes with a complete
entertainment applications interface, including a card reader (supports
SD/MMC) that lets you effortlessly transfer digital information to your
notebook–giving you the chance to keep up with the different aspects
of your digital lifestyle.

The Highest Price to Functions Ratio in a Fashionable Ultra-Thin Notebook

MSI has ingeniously incorporated a feeling of metro style into
the lines and curves of the X410. Along with an external coating that
features an especially brilliant finish, personalized color choices for
the frame bring the distinctive qualities of the X-Slim X410 to a new
level. When matched with the dazzling ‘golden ratio’ display, it exudes
a simple yet sophisticated vibe. The touchpad area is also surrounded
by a material featuring an etched design, adding to the exquisite
detail of the X410 and making it a personal statement of metro taste
and professional self-confidence. With battery, total weight is only
1.5kg. Completely slim and graceful, this is the world’s thinnest 14"
notebook computer and a demonstration of the high standards of MSI
engineering and technology. In particular, the X410’s use of the AMD
2nd Generation Ultrathin Platform makes the price attractive to a
broader spectrum of users. The X410 stands out as a fashionable and
high quality ultra-thin notebook without the high price associated with
other ultra-thin models.


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