Groove’s Virtual Office 3 ready for release

Groove Networks Inc. this week will introduce Groove Virtual Office 3.0, the first version of the company’s peer-to-peer collaboration software to offer truly contextual collaboration the way company founder Ray Ozzie envisioned it: The software takes collaboration to users, rather than bring users to the collaboration.

Version 3, by all accounts, brings Groove Virtual Office to full maturity. Most notably, Groove users can share files and folders directly from the Windows Explorer desktop file system, rather than having to copy them into Groove first. They also have more options for setting up alerts that notify them when content in a Groove workspace is changed or simply if another project team member has logged on to a workspace. “The fact that Groove is much more flexible in the way people choose to interact with it will make it much more usable,” says Peter O’Kelly, an analyst with research firm Burton Group.

The new version also gives IT departments a set of prebuilt templates to develop collaborative applications that focus on particular business processes, as well as the ability to build custom forms that hook into back-end enterprise-resource-planning and customer-relationship-management systems. A new dashboard makes it possible to manage multiple workspaces, and the management server has been beefed up with auditing capabilities.

News source: InformationWeek


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