World of Warcraft requires 75,000 cpu cores and 1.3 petabytes of storage

To maintain the online game World of Warcraft Blizzard has 13,250 blade servers, with a total of 75,000 CPU cores and terabytes of 112.5 terabytes of RAM. The servers host requires 1.3 petabytes of data storage. It employs 4600 people at the game.

Blizzard lead producer J. Entertainments Allen Brack and vice-president Frank Pearce held a speech at the Game Developers Conference taking place in Texas. So let Pearce know that the Blizzard Online Network Group manages data centers around the world from a central control room in Irvine, California. The server farm consists of 13,250 blade servers, where 75,000 CPU cores are placed. The servers 112.5 terabytes of ram and housing 1.3 petabyte of data. The amount of data the server is sending a lot. Just to download the recent patch 3.1 was 4.7 petabytes of data pulled from the server.

Brack made it clear that a major task is for patches for the game. Because the game is published in several languages, the patches must appear in all languages. That is ten different versions of each patch to appear they are all tested before they are released . Pearce completed that players of the English version now in the minority and that more players to the game in a different language games. Because testing takes more work,  245 people working on the testing area. That particular test or any quests in the game still works after a new patch. That is a tough job, because in the original version of WoW quests were well in 2600. The first expansion, The Burning Crusade, there were approximately 2700 added with Wrath of the Lich King again in 2350. That brings the total to 7650 quests. Since the launch of the game, the testers found that about 180,000 bugs have been resolved. How many bugs are still open, the speakers were unknown. They let it loose the game consists of 5.5 million lines of code written in C + + and Lua.

Yet the testing area by no means the largest group of people working on World of Warcraft. The game masters in the game to be able to directly offer assistance, the largest group. Since 2056 there has Blizzard of employed across North America, Europe and Asia. There are also 340 billing managers, who help with payment problems.

Brack and Pearce were also on the development of WoW. After the RTS Warcraft III, Blizzard also wanted a game with the working title was Nomad. It would be an rpg, in which teams would play. The game was to build on the rpg elements in The Frozen Throne the expansion for Warcraft III, were introduced. Terrifying aliens were the key players in the game, Blizzard but could not find the right voices for the game.


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