Pentax Kx, color and simplicity

Pentax announces the arrival of a new SLR, the Pentax Kx. The new Pentax Kx is compact and easy to use. Equipped with specific interest Pentax has chosen to propose that SLR affordable and competitive. With the chassis of the Pentax Km, Pentax Kx offer, despite its compact size CMOS sensor and HD video recording.

All these features make the KX unit ideal for both novice users aand a bit more experienced. Along with the Pentax Kx, brand launches tele 55-300mm zoom f/4-5, 8 ED which will be available in kit. This new lens combines lightness and performance to the delight of users Kx. The Pentax Kx is equipped with the new CMOS sensor for image processing faster and better management of sensibility. With a definition of 12.4 megapixels, the sensor will reproduce detailed images and deep rich colors. The range of sensitivities Kx spreads of 200 to ISO 6400 with possibility of extension between 100 and ISO 12800 to allow you to express your creativity freely.


The Pentax Kx has the processor PRIME II is an improved PRIME original processor. PRIME II processor enables faster processing of files and offers improved image quality and improved color rendering. Despite a sensor size of 23.6 mm x 15.8 mm, Kx is a digital SLR the smallest and lightest in its class, thanks to its stainless steel chassis and its stabilization system less cumbersome . The Live View function allows the Kx like the compact digital targeting via the LCD. The Kx offers 3 types developed in Live View mode:

  • Developed by detecting subject contrast
  • Developed by face detection
  • Developed by phase detection AF sensor through the housing to optimize the development on the subject


The video mode of PENTAX Kx can record video at 24 frames per second and viewing on an HDTV. You can save up to 25 minutes of video . In order to control some settings, many opportunities are offered for example control the depth of field or the use of different targets for greater creativity. The Pentax Kx integrates the mechanical stabilization system developed by Pentax, which is to compensate for camera shake to eliminate blurring and allows them to earn up to 4 speed. Such stabilization is compatible with all optical Pentax even older. Now the shooting in low light conditions or with a telephoto objective, often causing the blur will not be a bad memory.

With a rate of 4.7 frames per second on a series of 17 views in JPEG mode, the Pentax Kx is one of the fastest boxes in its class. Shutter Sound, guaranteed for more than 100 000 trips, reaching the speed of 1/6000e second allowing the photographer to freeze the fastest subjects. The 16 digital filters of Kx can save images in many forms this creative and directly from the device. Cross processing mode allows tuning of random exposure to single images and fanciful. The system developed SAFOX VIII Pentax Kx collimators to 11, including nine crossed for better hook point upright, you will be developing even the most delicate subjects. These collimators 11 are individually selectable.


Main features of the smc Pentax-DA L 55-300mm F44-5.6 ED:
A TV with a slight zoom focal length of 84.5mm to 460mm in 35mm format
A lens ED (low dispersion index) for better color rendering

Price and availability:
The Pentax Kx is available in four colors (black, white lacquered red and blue) in early October 2009 and proposed the resale prices of:

Price :

$649.95 (with 18-55mm DA L lens)
$749.95 (with 18-55mm + 50-200mm DA L lenses)
$849.95 (with 18-55mm + 55-300mm DA L lenses)

€599.99 (with 18-55mm DA L lens)



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