Snow Leopard sells better than Leopard and Tiger

Sales of the new operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard in late August on the market, are up to two times higher than that of Leopard and even four times higher than sales of Tiger.

This is shown by research from NPD Market Research, which were released Thursday. The research does Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard is not only better than his older brothers, but its sales after the first week since the launch is still very strong. Sales fell in the second week with 25 percent, while the rate in Tiger and Leopard with more than sixty percent much higher.

"Although Snow Leopard is less focused on functionality than Leopard or Tiger was the case, ensures the simplicity of upgrading to Snow Leopard and the affordable price for a win situation for Apple users. This helps the sales to record numbers to push, said Stephan Baker, Vice President of industry analysis at NPD. Although specific figures have been mentioned, NPD claims that the launch of Apple Snow Leopard to a strong launch of a new Mac OS X version has been.

NPD Praises Apple Snow Leopard to offer for just 29 euros (single license). The research has the lower price of the OS than the most influence sales. "With a price drop of more than 100 euros for both versions for a single user and the family package, Apple has clearly shown that in this economic environment, aggressive pricing of consumer reaction to an extraordinary situation", says Baker.

According Pipar Jaffray analyst Gene Munster of Snow Leopard is in the September-quarter sales of about count on five million. He expects Apple Snow Leopard just for this one turnover of about 66 million U.S. dollars will be rewarded.

The problem with Microsoft’s promotion is probably the limitations that accompany both in terms of audience, duration in time, number of copies distributed. But clearly Apple has introduced Mac OS X 10.6 as an upgrade to Leopard. Should we then conclude that Windows 7 is certainly much more than updating Windows Vista?



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