SPMARK04 benchmarking app.

SPMark�04 is the most comprehensive benchmark for modern smartphones. The retail version works on the latest Symbian OS based phones, and enables you professionally measure and compare performance and power consumption across various smartphones and workloads.

The Developer�s Edition can be ported to various other platforms. SPMark04 gives an easy-to-understand SPMark04 score which is fully comparable with that of other phones.

View: SPMARK04

Submitted By: Ultimate_Chaos Real Usage Scenarios

SPMark04 includes performance and power consumption tests for 3D, 2D and system workloads. 3D tests include an advanced 3D gaming scene and theoretical tests for 3D performance measurement. 2D section features 2D content displaying and image manipulation tests. The system tests in SPMark04 represent the real usage of a smartphone, e.g. adding entries to calendar and looking up contacts.


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