Customers question Sun’s Open-Solaris move

While Sun Microsystems Inc. considers creating a new licensing model to open-source its Solaris operating system, some enterprise customers are questioning the company’s motives and its true commitment to the effort.

At the JavaOne conference last month, Jonathan Schwartz, chief operating officer and president of the Santa Clara, Calif., company, reiterated Sun’s intentions to open Solaris. But he added that no decision has been made on what license to use. “We realize that there are some complaints in the community around the GPL and recognize that the BSD [Berkeley Software Division] license is also not necessarily perfect for all applications,” Schwartz told eWEEK in an interview at JavaOne. “So we want to come up with a license that is approved by those that are in a position to determine the validity of an open-source license, as well as one that appeals to as broad a segment of the population as possible.”

One open-source expert, however, said he sees no reason for Sun to create a new open-source license for Solaris. “Most of the new licenses we’ve seen in the last five years are acts of vanity that didn’t actually solve any substantive or legal problems,” said Eric Raymond, president of the Open Source Initiative, in Malvern.

News source: eWeek


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