ASUS launches RS300-E6 Series servers with Intel 3420 PCH chipset and Intel Xeon 3400 Series Processors

ASUS announced the launch of its new RS300-E6 Series servers
featuring the Intel 3420 PCH chipset and Intel Xeon 3400 Series
Processors. With dual or quad core processor configurations, the
RS300-E6 Series can scale up performance immediately to support
high-volume workloads. Comprising the RS300-E6/PS2 and RS300-E6/PS4
models, the series comes in a 1U form factor housing a single-package
processor. Additionally, with its expansion options, the series
provides exceptional upgrade capabilities.

Future-proof Design to Support the Latest Intel CPUs

The RS300-E6 Series is equipped with the LGA 1156 socket to support
45nm Quad Core UP CPUs and dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory. For seamless
migration to new Intel platforms, the series is also designed to
support next-generation 32 nm Dual Core UP CPUs when they arrive. This
ensures businesses can protect their investments and adopt the latest
core technology. Additionally, the RS300-E6 Series utilizes ASUS’
proprietary CPU heatpipe technology to provide exceptional core cooling
for more stable computing operations.

Improved Versatility with Unique I/O Expandability

The RS300-E6 series includes an impressive 2+1 I/O expansion feature
in a slim 1U form factor. It has one PCI-E x8 slot to support
low-profile or half-length cards and another PCI-E x16 slot to support
full-height or half-length cards. Additionally, a specially-designed
slot in the PS4 models supports the optional ASUS PIKE card, which
allows a seamless upgrade to SAS storage.

Enhanced Power Efficiency with Green Design and Intelligent Fan Control

In line with current environmental initiatives to reduce global
power use, the RS300-E6 Series comes equipped with an 80+ PSU to
enhance its efficiency and reduce power loss. Businesses can expect to
achieve exceptional savings in utility bills with its use.
Additionally, leveraging ASUS’ intelligent fan technology, the cooling
fan adjusts its speeds according to usage loads—resulting in low noise
and improved efficiency.

More Flexible Storage with ASUS PIKE Upgrade Kit

The optional ASUS PIKE Upgrade Kit, available in the PS4 model, lets
users directly upgrade from SATA to higher-end SAS disks with
RAID—while retaining the same 1U form factor. Using the kit also allows
businesses to upgrade their storage without sacrificing their initial
I/O ports. PIKE is compatible with the Intel 5500 and Intel 3400
Series platform to enable seamless storage upgrades.

Better Control with Remote Management Capabilities

With the optional ASMB4-iKVM upgrade kit, businesses can perform
real-time, remote management of their servers. By connecting on a
BIOS-level, the kit enables another computer to control the server’s
keyboard and mouse, and view its onscreen display—from a remote
location via an Ethernet link.

Easy Configuration with Packaged Installation CD

Each RS300-E6 Series server comes with an installation CD to allow
businesses to easily configure and rapidly start operating their
machines. The CD contains pre-configured settings and the latest device
drivers that are automatically loaded to simplify and enhance
installations—allowing MIS staff to save time with each setup.


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