ATI RV410 110 nanometre specs revealed

7000 in 3Dmark03


IT’S NOT JUST THE PAPER spec that we managed to see this time round, but actually a full working prototype of the board that is now available to a few folk. You cannot buy it and most of the ATI partners don’t know much about it, but the chips were sampled by TSMC some time ago.
We know that card will be clocked to an additional 400MHz more memory and core but we are protecting our source right now, in case she is traced and shot at dawn. Her name’s not Dawn, by the way.
It will have double the number of pipelines of the RV380, X600, it will have eight of them.
As for shader model support ATI will stick to Shaders 2.0 and will leave Shaders 3.0 to Nvidia, a company that wants to attack this market massively. Actually Nvidia is attacking hard as we speak with even more shader model 3.0 cards to come.
This prototype can deliver 7000 3dm03 on high end machines but we heard that Nvidia is also running its 110 nanometre NV43 mainstream parts that can run even faster then this.
Both RV410 and NV43 are mainstream PCI Express parts with the exception that Nvidia can make an AGP part easily with the BR2, HSI bridge chip.
Q3 is the target for both of these cards last time we checked.

News source: The Inquirer


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