Samsung Launches P2470HD and P2770HD Full HD LCDs

After enjoying the IFA 2009 launch in Europe, the Korean Samsung market today announced two new LCD monitors, the SyncMaster P2470HD and P2770HD. These two models are respectively 24 and 27 inches that host a dual tuner analog and digital Freeview (DVB-T) and offer a rich connectivity, making it worthy successors of the very successful Monitors Hybrid T240 and T260HD.

They may actually be connected to one or more computers through its VGA input, DVI or HDMI, or audiovisual equipment (a game console or a standalone player for example) through its HDMI, component and SCART. They both display a 16:9 ratio and a definition of Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels), especially adapted to the purposes for which they are intended, a response time of 5 milliseconds, a dazzling brightness peak at 300 cd / m² and that a dynamic contrast of 50 000 for one. No mention was made of a backlight LED, one guesses that they are based on a CCFL backlight, which is less efficient.

The Samsung SyncMaster P2470HD and P2770HD are expected worldwide in the fall of the price of the respectively 390 and 500 range. It remains to see if they will match their predecessors.


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