Lenel Introduces GuardallVision Standalone Digital Video Recorder

Lenel Systems International has announced the launch of GuardallVision, a price competitive line of standalone digital video recorders (DVR) that delivers advanced video functionality in a fully customizable, simple-to-use and scalable package. Developed for security installations of any size, GuardallVision combines the benefits of high-quality video with the power and convenience of embedded real time analytics. Analytics include object detection, loitering, object left behind, object crosses a region, smart motion detection and invalid camera. Lenel is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

With capacity for up to 16 video channels, live recording at up to 30 frames per second, and as much as four terabytes of redundant onboard video storage, GuardallVision supports effortless monitoring and maintenance of multiple DVRs. A number of recording modes, such as continuous, event-driven, motion-detected, and scheduled, are fully supported and come standard in the DVR. To support video archival, GuardallVision can export the data to a variety of external storage devices, including USB-enabled and eSATA drives, and high-capacity DVD writers.

"We’re very excited to announce the availability of the GuardallVision DVR," said Luis Orbegoso, Lenel’s President. "For years Guardall has served the needs of small to medium businesses in the access, intrusion and video markets — and with the addition of GuardallVision, that customer base can now enjoy the power of real time analytics at a very cost competitive price point. The introduction of GuardallVision is a direct response to our customers’ feedback for a high-quality product that addresses the SME segment," said Orbegoso.

Each GuardallVision system supports up to 16 analog cameras and four IP cameras, and employs intuitive remote client software that can be installed on any computer. GuardallVision also hosts its own web interface for remote viewing and basic configuration, which does not require additional software. Thanks to its intuitive, built-in user interface, GuardallVision’s full functionality is immediately available upon system installation.

GuardallVision is currently available in 16-channel models — with four- and eight-channel models available soon — and allows users the ability to change and "stack" algorithms on the fly to meet the specific installation’s security needs.

In the event that security needs change beyond the functionality of GuardallVision alone, the system can seamlessly integrate with Guardall Director for a complete access control, intrusion and video solution. Field upgrades are also available for additional real time analytic channels or additional hard disk space. Other features include full PTZ control, the ability to configure cameras individually, high-performance video and hardware compression, support for variable bit and frame rates, as well as customizable alarm inputs/outputs.

An optional ATM interface further expands the system’s flexibility for use in a wide variety of applications and environments.

GuardallVision is available today through traditional Guardall resellers.


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