Opera partners with SK Telecom to expand Opera Mini’s reach in Korea

Opera Software today announced its partnership with the Korea-based SK Telecom. This leading Korean operator will now offer Opera Mini, the world’s most popular mobile Web browser, on several of their handsets. Initially available in early October 2009, Opera Mini will launch on the T Omnia II from SK Telecom. Subsequently, the browser will be available on select smartphones and feature phones. Opera Mini is currently the world’s most used mobile Web browser, with nearly 30 million users.

Its popularity is due in part to its renowned surfing speeds, which is the result of Opera Mini’s compression technology that remotely compresses data before sending it to the phone.“Opera’s mission is clear: better browsing, anytime, anywhere. To achieve this, we need partners such as SK Telecom. SK Telecom is a leader in the Korean telecom market, and they focus on breaking new ground and creating more value for their customers,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “By offering Opera Mini on several of their phones, SK Telecom is adding value by giving users a new, interactive service that gets them online, fast.”

To celebrate SK Telecom’s introduction of Opera Mini to the Korean market, Opera Software’s CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, attended a meeting with Joon-Dong Bae, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Division at SK Telecom. During this meeting, they discussed the partnership between the two companies and future cooperation.

“Through the partnership with Opera Software, users can enjoy not only faster mobile Web browsing, but also will be more familiar with many programs that are based on Opera’s technology,” says Joon-Dong Bae, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Division, SK Telecom. “We believe that all application programs available for PCs should also be available in mobile phones. We have no doubt that the Internet experience will be more prominent through mobiles rather than in PCs in the near future.”


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