Introducing the Thecus N2200 NAS

Storage leader Thecus Technology has been making
technology accessible to as many people as possible through smart
design and friendly features. Beginning with the classic N2100, Thecus
has made it possible for NAS technology to find its way into the
mainstream. Today, Thecus is pleased to introduce the N2200 NAS Server, our friendliest, most affordable two-bay NAS yet.

The N2200 is ideal for storing your entire collection of digital media. With capacity for two 3.5” SATA hard disks, the N2200 can easily accommodate up to 4TB of storage. For added flexibility, the N2200 is equipped with combo disk bays, which means it can also accommodate 2.5” SATA hard disks! To keep your data safe, the N2200 also offers several RAID modes including RAID 0, 1 and JBOD. If you need to change out your hard disks, the N2200’s hot swap, hot plug, and auto-rebuild
capabilities make swapping out hard disks a snap. Wondering how your
N2200 is doing? Get system status updates at-a-glance with the N2200’s
easy-to-read LCD, which displays intuitive icons to
show you system information including hard drive access, LAN
connectivity, and USB copy status. And because high tech shouldn’t mean
high difficulty, the N2200 even comes with a handy Thecus Smart Utility
that not only backs up your files, but also allows you to install the
N2200 with a single click! Managing your own NAS server just doesn’t
get easier than this.

But the N2200 is a lot more than mere storage – it also comes with a
bevy of friendly features to make it the center of your digital
lifestyle. Included with the N2200 is an upgraded Download Manager,
which not only supports HTTP and FTP downloads, but also BitTorrent and
eMule as well! With the new download manager, the N2200 can handle
virtually all of your downloads for you during off-peak hours, allowing
you to save bandwidth during the day. New to the N2200 is dual cam support,
which enables you to connect both IP cams and USB webcams to it to
assemble your very own simple surveillance server. In addition to this,
the N2200 comes with full multimedia support, with an iTunes server, Photo Web Server, and even media streaming
via uPNP, making it a wonderful addition to the living room. The N2200
is also very energy efficient, consuming considerably less power than a
full on PC, and operates super-silently so you won’t even know it’s
there. Best of all, the N2200 brings all of these great features in a
very affordable package.

“The N2200 breaks new ground in the two-bay value NAS segment with its terrific features and ease-of-use,” said Thecus General Manager Florence Shih. “This is a great unit for first-time users to experience the fun and convenience of Thecus NAS technology.”

Easy to use, easy to love. Get to know the Thecus N2200.


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