VIA VB8003 Mini-ITX Multimedia Platform Combines DX10.1 and Dual HDMI through both Discrete and Integrated Graphics

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86
processor platforms, today announced the first ever Mini-ITX board to
feature a dedicated on-board graphics processor and dual HDMI ports.
The VIA VB8003 is ideally suited for a range of advanced digital media
applications, supporting the latest advanced HD codecs and DX10.1
graphics. A wide range of connectivity options are available, including
four display configurations using the VIA VB8003’s two HDMI, DVI and
VGA ports.

The VIA VB8003 takes advantage of the ‘VIA Trinity’ platform, the
codename for a unique combination of 64-bit VIA Nano processor, VIA
VX800 media system processor and a dedicated S3 Graphics processor;
producing a perfect blend of Hi-Def video playback, DX10.1 graphics and
multiple display connectivity, all within a ruthlessly low,
industry-leading thermal envelope.

The VIA VB8003 Mini-ITX board can utilize the integrated graphics
of the VIA VX800 MSP in tandem with the dedicated S3 Graphics processor
to offer developers the widest possible variety of multi-display
configurations, including dual-HDMI, LVDS, DVI and VGA technologies.
Powering HD content playback across as many as four uniquely configured
displays, with supported resolutions of up to and beyond 1080p, the VIA
VB8003 is a HD powerhouse, ideal for a range of next-generation digital
interactive devices and digital signage applications.

"The VIA VB8003 is the first Mini-ITX board to harness the unique
performance efficiency of the VIA Nano processor combined with a
dedicated HD capable DX10.1 graphics
processor," said Daniel Wu, Vice President of VIA Embedded, VIA
Technologies, Inc. "We are confident that the HD adept VB8003 will be
massive hit with developers of the latest digital multimedia devices,
making it easier than ever to employ high resolution, compression
intensive content across multiple displays."



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