VicMan Software announced an Awesome Facebook App Powered by Photo

From now on, Facebook users can enjoy a cool application that makes their profile page even more eye-catching. This app creates cool photomontages with ? user’s photos on a profile page. The app applies a new photo effect to a user’s picture several times a day; effects can also be switched manually at any time. It is also possible to make photomontages with a random photo from user albums.

Funny Photo! Widget app is powered by Online Photo! Enhancement Platform from VicMan Software and based on the popular service. You just add the app to your profile (, choose a photo (or enable the random photo option) and specify how often you want the effects to be refreshed. And that’s it! Now anyone who views your profile page (and you yourself) is in for a surprise!

Application offers more than a hundred photo effects. Also you can choose to use:

– only the most popular effects

– only effects with face detection technology.

The developers are constantly adding new effects, so get ready for even more fun!

As it was said, Funny Photo! Widget is using Online Photo! Enhancement Platform, which is an open RESTful API. The Platform basic features are:

* extra easy adoption;
* automatic intelligent algorithms and high extensibility;
* cloud computing concept (scalable network of servers).

The platform is the result of about 10 years of experience in the imaging sphere. It boasts a wealth of image enhancement tools, and has much more to offer than mere photo editing. Its algorithms allow you to achieve the best results in automatic or semi-automatic modes. Correct color, remove red eye, apply artistic effects, retouch portraits, create funny collages, caricatures and animated avatars and much more, in a single button click, and in a single server request!

The platform is the ideal solution for mashup projects as it can be adopted at no cost and no risk. It can also be useful for mature web sites, social networks and dating services. Any web site can embed photo manipulation tools with an open API or use ready realization projects that web site has to offer. Hope that images on the Internet are going to look much better soon!


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