Cyberlink PowerDVD Update Benefits X-Fi HomeTheater HD Users

Auzentech ( is please to pass along notification that Cyberlink Corp ( has updated its PowerDVD application to address two bugs that affected users of the Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD sound card.

The following improvements will be made to your PowerDVD software with this update from Cyberlink:

1. PowerDVD will now keep the HDMI output mode as pass-through mode.
2. PowerDVD will no longer display the wrong bit rate information in the OSD while in Hi-Def, Non-Decoded pass-through mode.

The Sept 22, 2009 update will upgrade your PowerDVD 9 Ultra software to to PowerDVD 9 Ultra build 2115. If your licensed copy of the latest PowerDVD does not update itself, download the update manually from the Downloads section.

Additional notifications about Cyberlink PowerDVD updates will be released on the PowerDVD page on the Auzentech site. To stay informed with future Auzentech notifications, monitor the pages listed below.

• PowerDVD Page at

• Auzentech Open Letters web page

• Auzentech News Feeds, especially Email Notifications for the X-Fi HomeTheater HD Sound Card


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