@Last Software Releases SketchUp 4.0

Boston (Macworld Expo, Booth # 546) — @Last Software, Inc. has announced the tenth release of its award-winning 3D design software, SketchUp 4.0. Dubbed “3D for the rest of us”, SketchUp’s unique user interface allows quick and easy 3D model sketching, modification and presentation. Intuitive and fun to use, SketchUp users include everyone from elementary students to engineers.

“With the release of SketchUp 4.0, we further deliver on our promise of keeping to a small, yet very powerful toolset,” said Brad Schell, @Last Software’s CEO. “We’ve added substantial horsepower to the existing toolset in this release, without adding a bunch of new toolbars or concepts. SketchUp users are going to be amazed with the variety and complexity of forms they can create with the same simple toolset they have come to love.

“An excellent example of this increase in tool horsepower is ‘The Intersector,'” continued Schell. “Every SketchUp user knows they can intersect complex shapes by manually drawing intersecting edges. ‘The Intersector’ can accomplish this with only one mouse click! Think of it as SketchUp Booleans!”

In addition to the ‘The Intersector’, SketchUp 4.0 includes the following new tools:

• Follow Me: Allows users to push or pull a surface along a path
• Texture Tweaker: Allows any texture or photo to be stretched and manipulated across any continuous surface
• Face Me: Makes 2D components appear to be 3D
• And a very powerful Ruby scripting interface


SketchUp 4.0 is now available from @Last Software’s website: sketchup.com. Existing users upgrade for $95, or $495 for new licenses.

About SketchUp

SketchUp is “3D for the rest of us” with a unique user interface, which allows quick and easy 3D model creation, viewing, modification and presentation. Unlike 2D software, the SketchUp user is always working in 3D and can orbit around the model at any time with just one mouse click. SketchUp’s simple toolset and intuitive nature give the user the look, feel and freedom of drawing on paper. This patented edge modeling system is sophisticated enough for professional design projects yet easy enough to be used by everyone from engineers to elementary students. SketchUp for Windows® and Macintosh® OS X is available in 11 languages. A free trial download and more information are available at sketchup.com.
News source: Graphics News


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