PowerColor Launches New Generation Radeon HD 5800 Series

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today
introduces the next generation of video cards: the HD5800 series.
Equipped with the first and only GPU to support Microsoft DirectX 11,
the HD5800 will provide the ultimate gaming and Windows 7 experience.

The HD5800 series also supports ATI’s exclusive Eyefinity technology.
Eyefinity maximizes your field of view across up to three displays;
with dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port onboard design, gamers can
easily get lost in the action. Compatible with ATI Stream technology,
users will be able to transcode videos from their PC’s to mobile media
player in less time and with minimal effort.

PowerColor’s HD5800 series will include the HD5870 and HD5850. The
HD5870 has an unparalleled 1600 stream processors, clocks in at 850MHz
core speed and 1200MHz of memory speed; accelerating your PC with
nearly 3 teraFLOPs of computing power. The HD5850, with its 1440 stream
processors, 725MHz and 1000MHz GPU and memory clock speeds,
respectively, is loaded with the latest features and technology for
immersive computing.

“It would be an understatement to say we are excited to bring the next
generation of ATI technology to consumers. The PowerColor HD5000 series
has the most advanced graphics processors yet,” says Ted Chen, CEO of
TUL Corporation. “We are also looking to provide more value to the
consumer which is why we are bundling this next generation series of
cards with one of the most popular games in the market today along with
KONNET HDMI cables.”

DiRT2 Edition: Unleash DirectX® 11 gaming power through the world’s most powerful GPU
To deliver the latest DirectX 11 gaming power, PowerColor announces a
special bundle: the HD5800 DiRT2 Edition. DiRT2 is a world tour of
adrenaline-fuelled extreme off-road events in stunning real-world
locations. With the support of DirectX 11 technology, this latest game
delivers the most realistic, immersive and exhilarating racing
experience to gamers.

KONNET HDMI Cable Bundle: Bring you maximum HD Gaming Experience
To deliver life-like gaming experience, PowerColor bundles the HD5870
with KONNET’s FidelityHD standard HDMI cable and KONNET’s ExpressHD
HDMI cable with the PowerColor HD5850. Both HDMI cables are version 1.3
and support 480i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p high definition video display
and digital audio, with 24K gold plated connectors to provide maximum
conductivity and minimum data loss. The special duos are ready to bring
you the ultimate HDTV experience.
The PowerColor HD5800 series lineups are available today at Newegg /
NCIX / Komplette / RDC / Grosbill / Snogard / Mindfactory / Alternate /
HOH / APP / Overclock / Ebuyer / Unitcom.

  HD5870 HD5850 HD5870
Dirt2 Edition
Dirt2 Edition
with FHD cable
with EHD cable
Core Speed 850MHz 725MHz 850MHz 725MHz 850MHz 725MHz
Memory Speed 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) 1000MHz (4.0Gbps) 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) 1000MHz (4.0Gbps) 1200MHz (4.8Gbps) 1000MHz (4.0Gbps)
Memory Bandwidth 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit
Eyefinity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DirectX 11 11 11 11 11 11
Output Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port Dual DL-DVI / HDMI / Display Port
SEP $379 $259 $389 $269 $409 $289


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