All-New OutRun2 Revealed: Special Tours – First Images!

It has come to light that an all-new version of OutRun2 will be hitting arcades around the world later this year, carrying the title OutRun2: SP – short for Special Tours.

Special Tours will include five new courses split into 16 selectable routes, as well as the original tracks from version one of the arcade game. New cars, namely the Ferrari 512 BB and the Ferrari 250 GTO, will be included and playable from the outset, along with various new tunes from previous OutRun incarnations.

Expect OutRun2: SP to hit arcade emporiums before the end of the year. It is currently unknown how the new coin-op will impact on the development of the home version of the original OutRun2, if at all.

Nothing more right now, though stay tuned for updates, and thanks to our friends at Team Marubaku for the heads-up.
Screenshot: View Screens from SPOnG
News source: [url= ]SPOnG News[/url]


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