Another GBA Re-design

This one’s both Pokemon-related and also emerald-coloured
To celebrate the release of Pokemon Emerald, the successor to Sapphire and Ruby, Nintendo of Japan will be doing its usual SP makeover re-style thing. This latest GBA SP special edition bears all the hallmarks of a limited run console, it’s of an unprecedented hue, and you can’t buy it outside of Japan.

After close examination of the new SP’s homepage we discovered that the new machine is green – much like a leaf, pea or indeed, emerald – and is gracefully illustrated with an etching of a small dragon-type creature called Rayquaza.

That’s about all there is to say – apart from the Japanese release date, which is around September time for both the special edition SP and the game itself.
Screenshot: [url= ]From SPOnG[/url]
News source: [url= ]SPOnG News[/url]


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