IBM Opens Linux Innovation Center in Kazakhstan

IBM opened a Linux innovation center in the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The
mission of the IBM Center of Innovation for Linux and Open Standards is
to drive the development and adoption of open standards and open source
technologies among businesses and government organizations of
Kazakhstan. The Center will help local software developers increase
their Linux and open standards expertise and better connect them to the
worldwide Linux community. 

"Like many emerging markets, Kazakhstan faces the ambitious task of
growing and enhancing its IT infrastructure very fast to match the
demands of a new economy," said Inna Kuznetsova, vice president of
Systems Software, marketing and sales enablement. "Using open source
and standards-based computing, Kazakhstan can avoid the pitfalls of an
expensive, proprietary infrastructure and build a more flexible IT
foundation to expedite economic development. The Linux center will
deliver educational and practical resources to bolster open source
adoption and spur innovation."

The initial key projects and initiatives of the Center include: 

The Center will help promote open standards that allow a variety of
technologies to share information. Such interoperability will help
deliver better goods, services and intelligent data. Open standards
such as HTML, for Web and information structure; SOAP for Web services
and SOA; and Open Document Format for office documents give businesses
choice rather than limit themselves to closed, proprietary systems. 

The opening of the Linux center is an investment made under a
broader memorandum on collaboration signed by IBM and Kazakhstan’s
government today. The goal of this collaboration is to accelerate the
adoption of technology in Kazakhstan in support of the country’s
overall strategy of achieving sustainable development through economic



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