EA Gives Tiger Woods the Street Treatment

According to an article in the latest issue of Electronics Gaming Monthly, EA Big is working on Tiger Woods Street, the golfing equivalent of the NBA/NFL Street games. It’s not the most unexpected news, as EA are renowned for applying their most successful concepts to their most successful licensed names, and the Tiger Woods and Street brands have both proved commercially triumphant thus far.

In fact, Mike Olsen – lead designer of the Tiger Woods series – had hinted at this idea way back in November 2002 in an interview with OperationSports.com. When quizzed as to whether or not the rumoured ‘street golf’ mode had been scrapped, Olsen replied: “Yeah [it has been scrapped, because] we felt that street golf could have been a game in itself, so we decided to hold off on that for a while.”

Now that “a while” has passed, Tiger Woods Street has been confirmed – although no proposed release date has been given as yet. Most likely favouring urban flavours of artwork and music, and packed full of the ‘zany’, ‘awesome’ and ‘wacky’ features synonymous with other EA Big titles, TWS ought to warrant further investigation as and when fresh details are announced.

News source: [url=http://news.spong.com/x?art=7173 ]SPOnG News[/url]


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