Sony Officially Launches Wireless Bluetooth Headset for PS3

It’s no surprise that Sony made this Bluetooth headset the Official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 seeing as it easily surpasses other recently released headsets already available.

S3 Official Wireless Bluetooth Headset Features:
– Bluetooth Headset designed specifically for PlayStation 3
– HQ mode enables "Voice Command" and "Voice Animation" features in compatible games
– Works with most cellphones that support Bluetooth 2.0
– Functions as a desktop microphone
– Compact ergonomic fit stays comfortably on your ear all day

You’ll immediately notice the difference in sound quality and including a mic
mute button is a stroke of genius. In short, if you’re shopping around for a headset for your PS3 (or phone) then this is definitely the headset you must buy.

– Surprisingly fast and easy to pair up with your PlayStation 3 and most new phones.
– The inclusion of a Mute button is brilliant.
– The sound quality is superb to the point that you’ll notice when other gamers are using the same Bluetooth headset.
– It doesn’t take too long to charge.
– I clocked in about 8 hours of use before recharging the headset.
– In its charging cradle, you can use the headset as a desktop microphone.
– Headset comes included with the $59.99 retail version of SOCOM: Confrontation.

– It’s powerful enough to occasionally pick up conversations in nearby areas … that might confuse other players during matches.
– It can become just a tad uncomfortable for very long periods of use.


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