ASUS announces SABERTOOTH 55i , The Ultimate Force (TUF) series Motherboard

ASUS, the leader in innovative motherboard solutions, today unveiled the first motherboard in its newly-developed "TUF" (The Ultimate Force) Series, the SABERTOOTH 55i. The TUF Series is specially developed to meet the heavy computing demands of power users and perform well even under extreme conditions. Such computer enthusiasts often demand high-quality motherboard components and the most stable computing platforms. To achieve uncompromising stability, TUF Series motherboards have undergone a more stringent testing program than what most motherboard producers currently undertake. Solidly constructed and equipped with resilient components that have passed demanding military-style testing, the TUF Series triumphs over the harshest operating conditions to deliver robust performance. The debut SABERTOOTH 55i model, designed around a "Marine Cool" concept, incorporates the Intel P55 chipset and "tough" features to give users a supremely solid and stable computing platform.

Ultimate Heatsink Cooling with Unique CeraM!X Microfin Coating
The ASUS SABERTOOTH 55i motherboard, equipped with the new CeraM!X heatsink, delivers exceptional cooling to active components and uncompromising system stability even under intense operating conditions. With its advanced ceramics-based composition-commonly used in the aerospace industry for heat insulation-the heatsink dissipates heat rapidly to achieve ultimate cooling. Ceramics replace traditional anti-oxidant compounds to create a microfin surface texture for enhanced cooling. This rough surface offers an expanded area for heat induction into the surrounding air. As a result, more heat is rapidly conducted away from the active system following users to enjoy previously unattainable levels of stability.

Direct Memory Cooling with Affordable CoolMem! Fan Frame
As optimal memory operation relies on good cooling, the SABERTOOTH 55i motherboard includes the CoolMem! Fan Frame that encloses most standard 40mm or 50mm computer fans and fits them directly over the memory module. Users thus gain an affordable cooling solution that significantly stabilizes memory operation.

Resilient Performance from Military-certified Capacitors and MOSFETs
To ensure users experience uncompromising performance, the SABERTOOTH 55i incorporates only high-grade, rigorously-tested components. These perform robustly even under the most demanding conditions. For example, all its capacitors have undergone thermal shock tests to ensure continuous, stable operations during rapid temperature changes in the 60C range. In fact, all its capacitors and VRM MOSFETs have been certified for military-level use through stringent testing.

Optimized Power Use with E.S.P.
The SABERTOOTH 55i motherboard delivers E.S.P. (Efficient Switching Power) to all major components for superb system efficiency. Besides delivering efficient power to the CPU and memory, the power design also applies the same level of efficient power to the PCIex16 expansion slots and IC. This improves overall power efficiency and reduces the amount of heat generated-resulting in cooler and more reliable operations. Additionally, the E.S.P. converts power at 90% efficiency compared to a conventional linear design that is only about 60% efficient. Built for robust performance, the SABERTOOTH 55i-and ASUS TUF Series motherboards as a whole-incorporates the latest breakthroughs in heatsink composition and high-grade, military-tested components to enable users to build their DIY systems around one of the most solid and stable motherboards ever created.



TUF series delivers features for achieving preeminent stability, compatibility and durability. The first product named in the line is SABERTOOTH 55i. Based on Intel P55 chipset and purpose-designed for durability, SABERTOOTH 55i motherboard is equipped with a wealth of exclusive TUF features built to provide the most reliable computing experience.


  • CeraM!X Heatsink Coating Technology to provide the 50% larger cooling area for maximum heat dissipation.
  • CoolMem! Fan Frame to provide an effective and easy DIY way to cool the memory for improving system stability and memory life.
  • E.S.P. [Efficient Switching Power] design dramatically improves system efficiency (exclusive to this motherboard).
  • TUF Caps. & MOSFETs [certified through military-grade standards], provide rugged performance even in the most challenging conditions.
  • MemOK! provides super compatibility and Drive Xpert to automatically back up vital data at any time with ease.
  • With those features, SABERTOOTH 55i is built to be the toughest Mb in the world


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