CrumplePop Brings Easy Split-Screen Effects to Final Cut Pro

CrumplePop today released SplitScreen, an effect for Final Cut Pro that
lets busy editors create complex split-screen shapes by just dragging
and dropping. SplitScreen works right on the Final Cut Pro timeline,
without requiring a trip to another application. With SplitScreen, you
can choose from among 35 different pre-made split-screens, or mix and
match a set of smaller split-screen components to create your own.
SplitScreen allows you to easily draw any custom split-screen shape,
drop in video clips, and re-center, all within Final Cut Pro.

Because SplitScreen is based on Apple’s Master Template architecture,
busy editors can use SplitScreen right inside of Final Cut Pro, saving
the time and expense of a visit to a VFX shop.

"In our production work, we find that it’s pretty time-consuming to
create split-screen effects by hand, by cropping and keyframing," said
Jed Smentek, lead designer at CrumplePop. "It can be done, but getting
the proportions right takes a while. Especially if you want nice
uniform borders. SplitScreen makes it much, much easier and faster,
reducing the whole process to a drag-and-drop operation. You can set
separate in and out points for each clip you drop in, make the borders
any color you want, stack up different split-screen effects like
blocks, or scale down the whole effect at once if you want. It’s very
flexible, and it renders surprisingly quickly."

CrumplePop SplitScreen let you grab any video clip in your project and
drop it into whatever part of the split-screen you like. Then, you just
click and drag to re-center your clip, framing just your subject’s
eyes, hands, or whatever part of the frame you want. That’s it – render
and you’re done.

SplitScreen supports 35 different video codecs, resolutions, and
framerates including XDCAMEX, XDCAMHD, DVCProHD, HDV, DV, PAL, 1080p,
1080i, 720p, 480i, 24fps, 30fps, 25fps, 50fps, and 60fps. SplitScreen
works with both Final Cut Pro 6 and Final Cut Pro 7.


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