Google nabs top engineer from BEA!

Adam Bosworth, a software industry icon and the secret weapon behind several products including Borland Quattro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Internet Explorer and BEA WebLogic application server and Workshop, has left BEA Systems to begin work at Google.

Officials at BEA Systems Inc. did not respond to requests for comment on the reasons for Bosworth’s departure, but a corporate representative confirmed that Friday was his last day with the San Jose, Calif., company and that he was indeed going to work his software magic at Google Inc.—Microsoft’s archrival in the search arena.

As some of you know from my early CrossGain days when Rod Chavez and David Bao and Gary Burd and Ken Ong and I were first setting out to build CrossGain in early 2000, my heart has always heard the siren’s song of consumer services,” Bosworth wrote.

“The five of us left great jobs at Microsoft five years ago to follow this new tune. And given the opportunity to really help out at a great consumer services company, Google, I had to follow that tune again.”The letter, e-mailed under the subject header “Farewell,” started out: “It is with profoundly mixed emotions that I send this mail. I am leaving BEA and going to Google.

“I am terribly sorry to leave because of the people I’ve had the privilege of working with here at BEA. You are extraordinary people. Together we shared a vision, bringing enterprise applications to millions of developers, and you made it real.”Attempts to reach Bosworth at BEA were unsuccessful, and a response from his BEA e-mail address said: “Adam Bosworth is no longer with BEA Systems.”

News source: eWeek


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