MSI P55 Mainboard Series Redefines Peak Performance

MSI, has attracted the attention of major worldwide media and power
users since the launch of its Xtreme Speed P55 mainboard series. Not
only does this series boast a total feature set and specs, but the
Xtreme Speed P55 features many MSI-exclusive performance enhancing
designs. The series has received wide media acclaim for its outstanding
overclocking capabilities, especially the P55 series’ flagship product,
the P55-GD80. Featuring DrMOS, SuperPipe and OC Genie, this mainboard’s
overclocking capabilities are truly amazing. The Taiwan overclocker,
Coolaler, was able to overclock the Intel Core i7 860 CPU (2.8GHz)to
5.39 GHz with MSI’s P55-GD80 mainboard, breaking the world record and
pushing the processor 92% past its set frequency. This performance
surpasses the competition, and beautifully demonstrates MSI’s P55
series overclocking prowess.

The MSI P55-GD80 owes much of its outstanding overclocking ability to
its equipped MSI-exclusive technologies, such as the one second
auto-overclocking feature OC Genie, the SuperPipe cooling system that
effectively drops the operating temperature by 50°C, and 1>4 phase
total DrMOS power supply design. Other features include the real-time
overclocking function Direct OC, BIOS update and backup feature
M-Flash, Power eSATA that acts as both a power source and an eSATA
port, etc. These features coupled with the mainboard’s spec set and
performance make the MSI P55-GD80 the hottest P55 product around.


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