ATI Response to Doom 3 Benchmarks

Hear what ATI have to say about the latest Doom 3 benchmarks.

One of TeamRadeon’s staff contacted ATI to inquiry about the highly debated Doom 3 benchmarks that were recently released, here is what was asked:
“I’m just emailing you because I have alot of confused gamers from both Team Radeon and x-3Dfx about what’s really happening in Doom3. What they’ve been presented paints a relatively poor picture on the x800 Pro and x800 XT PE prompting many fellow gamers (about 400 on Team Radeon and 300 or so on x-3Dfx) to question whether or not they should cancel there pre-orders.”

ATI response:
“Hi Richard – this is a non issue – Doom 3 isn’t even available yet, and we all know that some of our competitors use partial precision where possible. We expect to have updated drivers available in the coming weeks.”

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Updated at 0600hrs on 29th July 2004
ATI is doing something about performance on Doom 3 but that it hasn’t done anything to its Open GL driver for almost a year now. The head of ATI’s PR has confirmed these claims.

It’s certainly time to do something about it as Doom 3 is close to materialisation and released in just a week. The ATI apparatchik told us that we could expect some performance boost with a new driver release but he was not specific when it will release the mighty Doom 3 driver.

There were no really significant games last year which used Open GL. It’s scary that if we don’t have people like John Carmack with Doom and Tim Sweeney with the Unreal engine we might lose Open GL to the extremely popular DirectX programming. Two guys have stood up to Microsoft. They like to make their games work on Mac OS and Linux as well and there is a market there, not big, but at least significant.

News source: Inquirer


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