MotionDSP to be Present at 2009 GPU Technology Conference

MotionDSP Inc., a pioneer in advancing video forensics and image enhancement technology, announced today its participation in the GPU Technology Conference being held September 30-Octobr 2, 2009 at the Hotel Fairmont in San Jose, CA. Hosted by NVIDIA Corporation, inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU), the event will focus on how developers, engineers, and researchers are using the GPU to solve the world’s most important computing challenges in a fraction of the time required by CPUs.

Designed to leverage the tremendous parallel processing power of the 150 million CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs that are in PCs all over the world, MotionDSP’s revolutionary video enhancement software for Windows users dramatically improves video from sources ranging from mobile phones to surveillance cameras. Unique to MotionDSP’s products is the ability to extract more detail from fewer frames of poor-quality video than competing solutions – a few frames instead of hundreds.

MotionDSP’s patented, multi-frame video enhancement technology is available in Ikena, a "CSI-style" video forensic application used by intelligence agencies, the military and law enforcement; and in vReveal, a consumer Windows application. Amazingly easy to use, vReveal delivers a one-click fix for the issues that plague consumer-generated video: shake, noise artifacts, pixelation, poor lighting, and low resolution. Plus, vReveal offers built-in support for uploads to YouTube and Facebook.

MotionDSP’s activities during the conference include:
Future Directions in GPU Computing Panel – Emerging Companies Summit — Thursday,  October 1, 12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M., Session 1425 in the Regency 2 Ballroom: Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP will join panelists Bill Dally, NVIDIA Chief Scientist; Simon Hayhurst, Adobe Senior Director of Product Management; and Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO- ONLIVE to provide attendees with insight into the future in GPU computing. Rob Enderle, leading technology analyst, will moderate.

“We have developed very sophisticated video post-processing pipeline.” said Varah. “Real-time super-resolution “scaling-up” and stabilization are only the beginning. Where we can go in the future with GPU processing is limited only by the imagination.”

Multi-Frame Analysis: The Future of Video Processing: Friday, October 2, 11:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M., session 1459 in the Atherton Room: Nicola Bozinovic, MotionDSP Vice President of Engineering. Bozinovic will discuss the details of the design and performance challenges of MotionDSP’s multi-frame video pipeline, one of the first commercial video processing solutions fully ported to GPU architecture. Abstract: High-fidelity motion estimation plays a critical role in almost any video processing technology. The open-loop nature of MotionDSP’s multi-frame video reconstruction framework requires a departure from quantized block-based motion estimation concept, commonly used in video encoding, as super-resolution temporal filtering cannot rely on a prediction error to compensate for motion
estimation inaccuracies. The need to use floating-point accurate motion fields, coupled with a multi-frame nature of the algorithm, makes GPGPU a natural choice when addressing this massive computational problem.

MotionDSP Booth: Visitors to the booth will see first-hand how Ikena and vReveal automate the entire process of video enhancement and produce dramatic results in a single step. While vReveal is a compelling solution for consumers who want to organize, enhance the appearance of, and share videos captured from handheld camera devices, Ikena is ideal for law enforcement video forensic analysis and imagery analysis in intelligence and military.

NextComputing Booth: NextComputing has partnered with MotionDSP to show its GPU-accelerated Ikena Live video enhancement software on the portable NextDimension system which offers true workstation-class computing in a package the size of a briefcase. MotionDSP’s Ikena Live is a powerful, real-time version of its Ikena application designed for military tactical operations centers, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground stations, video surveillance installations, and municipal CCTV transportation.


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