Tokyo Game Show 2009 Summary Report Released

Between September 24(Thursday) and 27(Sunday), the Tokyo Game Show 2009 was hosted by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA; Chairman: Yoichi Wada; Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), in cooperation with Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP; President & CEO: Yasuo Hirata; Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo). The show welcomed 185,030 visitors at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City and ended in a great success.

Date No. of Visitors Date No. of Visitors
September 24 (Thu)

Business Day
27,435 persons October 9 (Thu)

Business Day
27,305 persons
September 25 (Fri)

Business Day
24,605 persons October 10 (Fri)

Business Day
24,178 persons
September 26 (Sat)

Open to the public
61,138 persons
(inc. 9,579 children) October 11 (Sat)

Open to the public
71,639 persons

(inc. 9,207 children)
September 27 (Sun)

Open to the public

71,852 persons
(inc. 12,369 children)
October 12 (Sun)

Open to the public

71,166 persons
(inc. 13,963 children)
Total 185,030 persons Total 194,288 persons

This was the 19th holding since the Show was first held in 1996, and 180 corporations, organizations, and schools from 18 countries and regions ran their booths. In addition to a total of 758 titles registered in advance for the exhibition, a series of new titles were launched during the Show as well. TOKYO GAME SHOW 2009 successfully provided people all over the world with a wide variety of the latest information on games, living up to its reputation as the largest computer entertainment show in the world.

In response to the current trend in the game industry, the Advanced Mobile & PC section was introduced this year to showcase contents and devices for PCs, mobile phones, and smart phones, and received a lot of attention. Museum of Game Science and History, the TGS organizer’s exhibition introducing game technologies and histories, welcomed many visitors as in the past years. The original official goods designed exclusively for TOKYO GAME SHOW 2009 were also popular.

The winners of the Japan Game Awards sponsored by CESA (Game of the Year Award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, Amateur Division Award, and Future Division Award) were announced during the Show, and the talented creators and brilliant titles were commended.

Furthermore, the Creators’ Talk Show and the CoFesta Main Booth, both linked to "Japan International Contents Festival 2009" (CoFesta), also received a great number of visitors.

The TOKYO GAME SHOW will be celebrating its 20th holding next year. TOKYO GAME SHOW 2010 is scheduled to be held at Makuhari Messe from September 16 (Thursday) or 17 (Friday) through September 19 (Sun), 2010. We hope to see you all there.


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