Lighthouse SQ7 – A Portable social media device with voice recognition

Facebook and Twitter keep you connected with friends and family. Lighthouse SQ7 integrates your online world into your life in a whole new way. Lighthouse SQ7 is a the world’s first portable Social Media Tablet. Its bright, 7-inch touch screen, integrated Wi-Fi, and built-in voice recognition deliver always-on, up-to-the-minute access to your online world.The Lighthouse SQ7 is built upon the SmartQ 7 tablet from Smart Devices. The Lighthouse software customizes this device to provide always-on, voice-enabled access to your social media. It is small enough to be carried anywhere, but its bright, seven-inch touchscreen is large enough so that images and notifications can be seen from across a room.

Lighthouse’s built-in web browser is based on the industry leading
WebKit engine, the same engine behind Apple’s Safari and Google’s
Chrome browsers. But Lighthouse goes one step further, allowing you to
use your voice to enter web addresses and search terms!

With Lighthouse, you really are always on Facebook. Because news and photos are published automatically to the Live Stream, you can keep Lighthouse on your desk and tell at a glance what’s happening online. Tap an item and you’re instantly ready to view its details or post a response. Lighthouse makes it easy to browse your friends’ pages and photos, too.

Lighthouse provides complete access to your Twitter accounts. Follow Friends, send and receive direct messages, manage favorites, and more. Update your status more easily than ever, using your own voice. Tweets, and even web clips of web pages referenced in tweets, are also displayed in the live stream on the Lighthouse home page. Tap a tweet and you’re taken right to it inside the Twitter application, where you can reply or click through for more information.

Traditional digital picture frames are a hassle, and that’s why so many are showing "stale" photos, or none at all. With Lighthouse, you can quickly capture any photo from your Facebook page, or from your friends’ pages, and have it display in the Lighthouse’s digital picture frame. There’s even a built in stand on the back of the SQ7 so it will feel right at home on a desk or a coffee table.

Just pick it up, push to talk, and speak your status updates. Your statuses are automatically transcribed and posted to Facebook, Twitter, or both. The push-to-talk button on the front of the Lighthouse is context-sensitive. If you’re looking at a friend’s wall, push-to-talk to post to that friend’s wall. Looking at your own profile? Push-to-talk to update your status. If you’re on the home page, you can push-to-talk to update all of your statuses at once.

The Lighthouse SQ7 features a powerful 4500 mAH rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of use or up to twelve hours in standby mode between charges. A convenient stand on the rear of the Lighthouse SQ7 allows it to be easily stood up on a desk or coffee table. A small stylus is included, and conveniently stows away inside the unit when not in use.

The Lighthouse SQ7 is available for $249 from its dedicated website,


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