WordLinx Integrates Social Media To Become World’s First Viral PTC

Paid To Click websites (PTCs) have been around for several years.
Members get paid a small amount of money to view each advertiser’s
website. This gives advertisers a way to get thousands of real people
looking at their products and services for just a few dollars.

Recently, the market has become flooded with people buying scripts and
setting up their own sites. Unfortunately, due to the nature of money
related programs on the web, many are scams. Although, even with the
best intentions, many new sites collapse after a few weeks as you can’t
buy real business experience.

WordLinx.com was custom built from the ground up over five years ago.
The site now has over 180,000 members, a top 10,000 Alexa position and
a reputation as the oldest and most trusted PTC on the web. However,
even with all these unique selling points, WordLinx wanted to go the
extra mile to truly set itself apart from the competition.

Social media has become THE way to get your brand noticed across the
world, from videos and tweets to flashmobs and advergames. It’s all
about getting your message to people in their daily lives, almost
subliminally, without it looking like an advert.

WordLinx has now integrated this new way of advertising to
exponentially increase exposure of any website advertised. Members
still get paid to view each website as before, but can now also earn by
sharing interesting links with friends by email, or over social
networks like Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Delicious and Twitter.

This is a giant leap for the industry, as adverts are no longer just
displayed to members, but can also be shared virally across the web.
Each advertised website can receive thousands more visitors than
originally paid for, as all active links are permanent.

WordLinx is the only PTC in the world with this system. So how does it work?

Each advert displayed to members has a Share Link button which
generates a special page with a unique URL
(wordlinx.com/s/example). Each generated page contains the
advert with a direct link to the advertiser’s site. It also contains
the member’s referral ID, so the member will earn from any page viewers
that join WordLinx. Each short URL can be shared manually by copying
and pasting it, or instantly by using the ShareThis button.

Since social media was integrated, WordLinx has already seen a
considerable increase in sales, members and interest. In this economic
climate, people are looking further to find ways of advertising that
will give them more for their money. With WordLinx, their site could
become a global phenomena within minutes. All for no extra cost.


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