First Pictures of the NVIDIA GT300 Fermi Graphics card

It passed from hand to hand … The first graphics card based on the new architecture "Fermi" ,  NVIDIA is at present a Tesla model , so for the world of HPC or High Performance Computing. Meanwhile the GeForce variant, which should come within a few months, Jen-Hsun Huang has said for the record that NVIDIA was going to start the process of production since the return of the first chip foundry, we are providing you some pictures of the card.

Note the presence of two PCI-Express  power connectors in every pciture, one is 6-pin type and other is 8-pin type. Remember also that the model presented here  and widely photographed is a sample: no graphics chip is soldered above, no memory chip is soldered, and fan of the card does not even turn. Tesla Model it requires only a DVI output, a choice that obviously does not find on the GeForce cards.



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