Teaser Releases Upcoming iPhone App Insulting Monk

Nor Eagle today released a teaser trailer for their upcoming iPhone app
"Insulting Monk". While the teaser reveals little about the app apart
from the title its self-deprecating nature is designed to get a few

T. Benjamin Larsen, Nor Eagle CEO, Creative Director and hand-model had
this to say about the teaser: "I think it’s fitting for the nature of
the app." Asked to share a few more details about the Insulting Monk he
declined: "That would kind of go against the whole idea of releasing a
teaser in the first place. I guess people who bought our last title
will have a fairly good idea though!" The title he referred to, Ben’s
somewhat spiffy-looking but ultimately craptastic rock-paper-scissors
game, featured the insulting monk who was insulting the gamer at the
end of each game.

"Apart from the title, the Monk character was the thing most people
seemed to like about the game, so it made perfect sense to build our
next app around him." Larsen continued.

"Insulting Monk should be available sooner rather than later though and
we might share some additional information through Twitter before its
release. People should really follow us there if they want to know…
we might actually make it worthwhile…" he finished on a somewhat
mysterious note.


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