Universal Electronics to Debut Latest Control Technologies at CEATEC JAPAN

Universal Electronics Inc. will demonstrate the latest in control technology at CEATEC JAPAN 2009.

New Features Available for Demonstration

1. Future of Control Navigation
UEI will be demonstrating the latest navigation developments for control technology (codenamed "Glimmer"), including the ability to use fingertip slide navigation through on-screen lists. A wide variety of actions are available with the slightest finger movements, both sliding and tapping. This reduces the number of buttons on a remote without losing any of its functionality and provides an improved user experience.

Using virtual wheels, sliding moves the on-screen cursor up and down. Sliding is also sensitive to changes in the speed and strength of your touch. The system works with either IR or RF communication, and is designed for low-cost implementations that can be widely deployed with future and legacy equipment and user interfaces.

2. Quickset Revolutionizes Set Up
QuickSet is a built-in application that enables the configuration of universal remotes using a revolutionary new two-way communication protocol to walk users through the set-up process for their devices on-screen. Note: Onkyo Corporation has announced that they will be the first company to include QuickSet in universal remotes shipping with their new audio-video receivers.

Personal Demos Available Upon Request
Ramzi Ammari, Vice President for Product Development at UEI, will be available for personal meetings with members of the press at CEATEC JAPAN 2009 to discuss in greater detail on the development work they do, their plans for the future and on trends in the remote control field. Please let us know the times during CEATEC that would be convenient for a meeting, and we shall call to arrange one. Japanese interpreting is available on request.


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