Medion X9613 Touch

The market all-in-one home Medion. The German brand launches Touch X9613, a computer with a Full HD screen and multitouch touchscreen. Adopting the design glossy (shiny black), it can either land on a desk or hang on the wall. Medion does not hide the strong side of its multimedia all-in-one.It has a control bar on the front. Equipped with sensitive buttons, it lights up when its infrared sensors detect movement nearby. In the middle of this bar, touch screen 3.5-inch used to manage Widgets through technology SlideShow Microsoft.

Ready for High Definition

The slab overlooking the multimedia bar measures 24 inches diagonally and features a heart with four processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 2 GHz. 4 GB of RAM and a hard disk of a terabyte complete the configuration. Also for fiber media, the Touch X9613 equips an Nvidia graphics card. From entry level, it nevertheless allows decompression of High Definition content. In this case, the Medion PC is equipped with a Blu-ray and digital TV tuner. Supplied with Windows 7, Touch the X9613 will be available in November to 1799 euros.


A control bar secure, interactive multimedia

The MEDION THE TOUCH states below the screen of a control bar incorporating multimedia infra-red sensors. With the approach of your hand, the control panel lights and buttons retro

enlightened sensory activated and ready to answer your finger!

Firstly, with the biometric reader located to the left of the facade, you can create different user profiles and share and secure the machine with your family. Moreover, in the middle of this bar is integrated multimedia mini touch screen 3.5”(ca. 8.8 cm) based on technology Microsoft SideShow gadgets which appear very practical. You can follow simultaneously

your bids on eBay, a summary of your Facebook account, the channels of your Internet radio or weather forecasts.


MEDION TOUCH CENTER, a concentrate high technology

The MEDION THE TOUCH is equipped with a software interface MEDION TOUCH CENTER, entirely developed by engineers MEDION to enjoy full and intuitive multi-touch technology. To accompany this digital journey, MEDION offers a virtual assistant named Laura.

It will guide you in choosing the different applications and may even, if you wish, read aloud your notes and e-mails!

Your voice becomes a true remote

Talk to your MEDION THE TOUCH? You will obey without problem. TOUCH THE MEDION The X9613 has a voice recognition system that lets you interact with your machine. Situated comfortably on your sofa or interrupted by an urgent phone call, you can order through the voice of many applications managed by the software MEDION TOUCH CENTER such as adjusting the volume or the momentary suspension of playing your music.

A practical alternative to the standard remote control. Experience stunning visual and sound

Equipped with two integrated speakers and a subwoofer Dolby Home Theater v3, the MEDION THE TOUCH delivers a sound quality is optimal for a new dimension to your home theater experience. With its touch screen high definition, it offers unparalleled quality display with brilliant colors and realistic. And if you think you missed part of last episode 24H, stop worrying! The MEDION THE TOUCH has a hard disk recorder with large capacity TimeShifting a direct offline!

Finally, the MEDION THE TOUCH X9613 supports Blu-ray movies in full HD, 16:9 and guarantees a quality show.


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