VentureDNA introduce NewsInGraphs Mobile App for the Apple iPhone

VentureDNA is proud to announce the release of NewsinGraphs from the Apple iTunes App Store today. VentureDNA, recognized as a leader in new media and emerging technology services, managed the development of NewsinGraphs in partnership with global content licensing agency McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT). This is the second iPhone app release for VentureDNA in the news category.

VentureDNA, founded by Stewart Dixon, a Chicago based media and technology thought leader, is well known for assisting clients in achieving high-value branding strategies for digital media products across multiple platforms, including Internet, wireless, and emerging device applications.

Top ten lists and descriptive news graphics allow readers to easily browse and quickly digest information; they encourage debate, and are interesting and insightful. NewsInGraphs brings together popular graphics and top ten lists in the categories of news, music, movies, finance, fitness and science. The graphics, created by MCT’s Graphics Services division, are part of a selection of more than 250 news and features graphics produced each month on a variety of topics.

“The popularity of top ten lists and graphical news factoids and statistics continue to grow because they are an extremely efficient way to absorb information,” Stewart Dixon, CEO of VentureDNA. “With NewsInGraphs, subscribers can view content from top ten music and movie lists to science and finance graphs, save and share favorites via e-mail to engage colleagues, friends and family while by offering personal commenting and feedback for each graph or chart through one easy-to-use mobile application.”

“We’re delighted to bring the graphics we’ve been providing to news publishers to a consumer audience,” said Walter F. Mahoney, Vice President of Global Information Sales for MCT and TMS. “NewsInGraphs is the perfect application to share our informational graphics to the growing iPhone audience.”

NewsInGraphs is available in the Apple iTunes App Store beginning today for $.99 a month for licensed premium graphical news content delivered daily to your iPhone. The mobile app features weekly top ten music and movie charts, along with news, science, fitness and finance graphs that can be viewed in the original size on the iPhone, saved and shared via e-mail. Subscribers can also rate and comment on the content while viewing what other subscribers have shared. (keyword newsingraphs)


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