New games and demos on Xbox Live

This time we will have a arcade games as demos.

The Xbox Live Marketplace has received new media content, including Xbox Live Arcade games and demos of recently released titles ready . This time in the encounter of three new games arcade, the return of an arcade a trivial football and a turn based strategy game. While the demos we have the Shift, marketable securities and they will launch next two this month.

Arcade Games

PUZZLE BOBBLE Live! (800 Microsoft Point = Approximately 10 Euros)
Puzzle Bobble is back with his playing style intact. Shoot bubbles into groups of bubbles to destroy them!

Football Genius (800 Microsoft Point = Approximately 10 Euros)
It’s a Football Genius (Genius of Football)? Test your football knowledge with the highest quiz! Features 6 packages of questions covering international football, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with more than 3500 questions about their teams, players and tournament favorite!

Military Madness (800 Microsoft Point = Approximately 10 Euros)

The army has returned to search for a new generation of recruits! The classic series of turn-based strategy Military Madness, returns with a new graphical presentation and a host of new features. Besides the single player campaign, you and your allies can battle online or offline multiplayer for 4 people, in teams or every man for himself. While you delight in victory or suffer crushing defeats, online consultation markers to compare your skills with those of other generals. There’s even a new drive just for multiplayer, the Commander, which has 20 unique skills to turn the tide of battle. It is the most crazy game in the series!

Demos (Free)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Join the Ghostbusters on an adventure written by the creators of the film. The original cast back in a new episode of the Ghostbusters saga. Protonic Equip your team and get ready for action, the Ghostbusters are back! A mysterious force is opening portals to a terrifying alternate dimension and a new wave of supernatural beings are slipping to vent their anger at the big apple.

Need for Speed Shift
Need for Speed Shift is a realistic racing game in which visceral and live the best experience at the wheel surrounded by stunning graphics and real cars in a variety of tracks. Players will experience intense, visceral, athletic driving a car at full speed from the perspective of the driver through a combination of the perception of gravity, hyper-realism of the cockpit and the brutal experience of a car at first person. Need for Speed Shift boasts a precise physical and accessible based on a model of leadership with which every impact feel every change in the sign while driving on the limit.

Brutal Legend Demo
Brutal Legend, an action game created by Tim Schafer. Eddie Riggs is a pipe chosen by the gods of rock, played by Jack Black, who must struggle in a fantastic world of metal to save humanity and the demons charged..


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